Beaching' it in Greece


We woke up to sunshine spilling through our little blue shutters and I knew we were ready for a beach day! Most girls always pack too much for a summer holiday and I'm no exception to the rule, so as everyone waits in the car eagerly awaiting to dip their toes in the ocean, there's me, still trying on outfits and figuring out what to wear!

Outfit of the day 

Bikini by Victoria Secret (bought this last summer)

Cover up Mimi crochet set by Phoebe Rose London

Hat by a little one off store in Serifos

Sandals by Miss KG

Beach bag by Sans Arcident Paris

Mimi crochet set in blue is coming soon! Its currently available in pink. Shop in link above! 

I finally got myself out the door and we jumped on our quad bike and headed down the mountains to town for a quick coffee! On the way I found this cute little store that were selling beach hats for only 15 euros, obviously I had to purchase one! (or my boyfriend did anyway!). We arrived at Vagia beach and laid the towels down, jumped in the ocean and started another beautiful day in paradise...

I'm not a big fan of wearing make up at the beach, (unless it's a beach party of course) I do pack a lot of hair products though! I literally can't live without these in my bag! 

Whats in my beach bag

Dior sunglasses - Which I can't live without!!

Morfose Argan oil - So my hair gets so knotty and tangled once I've gone in the sea and especially in places like Greece where the wind is extremely strong it can be a total nightmare for your hair! This oil sorts my life out! 

Bumble and bumble Surf infusion (oil and salt infused) - I do love beach waves but some of us aren't so lucky to get those natural waves! I dye my hair a lot and it can go a bit frizzy after a few hours at the beach so this product is perfect to spray on just before lunch to get those beach perfect waves in place! 

Aveda sun care - This protects your hair from the sun which is extremely helpful if you have bleach in your hair!

Garnier sensitive advanced - this is amazing for fair, sensitive and sun intolerant skin! I have quite oily skin and hate breaking out! I also always use 50 on my face because it's a lot fairer than the rest of my body and I don't particularly want wrinkles anytime soon! 

Lanolips lip balm - best lip balm ever! (And I've tried 100!) Can’t leave the house without it! 

Benefit Hola liquid bronzer - if I'm going to a nice restaurant I do make the effort to put a little bit of bronzer on my face that will take away the flustered redness from being in the sun all morning! Hola is the best bronzer for giving you a naturally sun kissed glow. I really prefer the liquid Hola to the powder, definitely worth a try!

Lunch was booked at the hotel restaurant called Coco mat which does the most incredible lobster pasta..which is literally my favourite meal on this entire planet! (I'm a carbs kinda girl!) After a long and lazy lunch we headed back to the hotel to chill and get ready for another beautiful evening in Serifos!


Lots of love, Phoebe x

Phoebe Rose Georgiou